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Since you plan to rent out the dedicated server from company, you must verify the quality of the hardware and software available as the speed and performance will depend on it. The quality server and hardware partners allow you to avail optimal performance. So, you must look for the web hosting providers in India who offer Linux and Windows dedicated server hosting. You must also ensure that they have quality hardware providers such as HP, IBM, DELL or Intel, etc.

You need the data centers in applicpayment gateway solutionsable geographic location for your dedicated servers. These data center will have useful features that enhance and maintain the performance of your websites. You can use the data center features such as:

  • Network Redundancy: You can employ alternate paths on the dedicated server hosting to achieve minimal down time and consistent availability.

  • Electricity Redundancy: With 3 levels of redundancy, your website will remain operational in spite of the power outage.

  • Technical support: 24X7 technical support where you have a team of experts available for your assistance throughout.

  • Space and bandwidth: With dedicated server hosting in India, you can use the available space and bandwidth to its fullest capacity. This is ideal for the businesses under expansion or gunning for one.

  • Security: As you do not have to share the web hosting with other web sites, you have the secure space. You won’t worry about the security issues due to other websites.

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